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Furniture - Contract Winner

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BoxLife is designed to accommodate a variety of needs; a timely requirement of today’s modern living spaces which call for limitless adaptability from their discerning inhabitants. BoxLife is a system that adapts to many applications, from large lofts to small studio flats, transforming and storing away, as need be. BoxLife allows the same space to simultaneously serve a variety of purposes. A place to cook, work, sleep, do your laundry and store your wardrobe, a haven to relax; BoxLife facilitates the harmonious coexistence of each “component” with the others.

The heart of the project lies in the idea of concealing to keep things neat and tidy: from large lofts to small studio flats, a single setting can be transformed into another through the coexistence of different spaces with linear, corner or U-shaped solutions where the undisputed starring role is played by the panelling.

BoxLife by Scavolini: endless functions in a single project.

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